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Sign of the Times

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52 oz. Value Kit


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Diamond Finish™ is the ultimate multi-surface cleaner, polish and protector.  Diamond Finish™ is easy to use and effective at removing surface contaminants like dust, dirt, fingerprints, soap scum, grease and water spots while leaving a finish that seals and protects.  Diamond Finish™ is non-toxic and kills 99.95% of germs and bacteria when used as directed.  Containing no ammonia, wax or harsh abrasives, Diamond Finish™ is safe on any nonporous surface such as motorcycles, automobiles, glass, mirrors, TVs, cell phones, computer screens, granite, chrome, appliances, stainless steel, enamel, tile, marble, musical instruments, boats, finished wood, countertops, plastic, Lexan, and painted surfaces.  Whether in your home office or garage, Diamond Finish™ does it all.

- Easy One-Step Application
- Kills 99.95% of surface Germs and Bacteria
- Repels Water, Dust, Dirt and  Fingerprints
- Seals and protects
- Environmentally Safe
- Premium microfiber polishing cloth included

32 oz. Refill


4 oz. Spray


Diamond Finish is proudly made in the USA!